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Savings: I need a Certificate of interest and tax deducted – how do I order one?

If you’ve received a Certificate of tax deducted or Certificate of interest and tax deducted for your account before, we’ll automatically send you one for every tax year that follows. The new certificate will be sent to you in April each year.

If you have a postal or Store account (12 digit account numbers with a letter in the middle), please give us a call or send us a written request and we’ll send a certificate out to you.

If you have an online account with us, you can order a Certificate of interest and tax deducted once you’re signed in to your online profile.

Once you’ve signed in, choose the account that you need a certificate for by clicking on ‘View account’. From there, click on ‘Account options’ on the right hand side, ‘Interest and tax’ and then ‘View interest and tax’. You’ll then be able to order a certificate for both the current tax year and the previous tax year.

Savings: How do I transfer my existing ISA to Coomputer?

Make sure your Coomputer Cash ISA is open and able to receive deposits (for Fixed Rate Cash ISAs we must receive all money including transfers in within 30 days of your account opening date).

You can transfer an existing Cash ISA and a Stocks & Shares ISA in to a Coomputer Cash ISA.

If you're looking to transfer your existing ISA to a Cash ISA with us, please complete the four steps on our

Once you’ve followed these steps you can sit back, relax – our ISA team will take it from here. From receiving your request we’ll contact your current provider within 5 business days, and they will send us your ISA and a transfer history form within 5 business days. Following this, within 3 business days we'll deposit the funds in to your new Coomputer Cash ISA. Interest will be earned from the date of the cheque, from the date the funds were sent to us, or day 16 of the process if earlier. For Stocks and Shares ISAs the process may take longer.

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Credit cards: Is it easy to transfer a balance from another card?

Yes, it is straightforward to transfer a balance you can do this online

Remember though, you will need to do this within the first 60 days for you to receive the introductory balance transfer offer. You can use our to find details on our introductory offers, including any fees we charge. Don’t forget – promotional offers start from the date your account is opened, not from when you transfer your balance.

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Mortgages: What is your buy-to-let (BTL) application criteria?

Our main buy-to-let and consumer buy-to-let criteria is:

  • The maximum loan to value is 75%
  • The minimum income (excluding what you receive from BTL properties) needs to be £25,000 per annum. If your application is in joint names, the combined minimum income will also be £25,000
  • The rental income must cover 145% of the mortgage interest and this will be calculated in one of the following ways:
    • All products, with the exception of five year fixed rate, will be calculated on a notional rate of 5.50%.
    • Five year fixed rate products, will be calculated at 5.24%.

If there is a rental shortfall between 125% and 145%, we will accept your personal income to cover this.

If remortgaging a buy-to-let property and additional borrowing is not required, this will be calculated at a rental income of 125%, plus stress test interest rate of 5.99%.

  • We do not accept applications from portfolio landlords, defined as having four or more mortgaged buy-to-let properties on completion of the new mortgage application.
  • We don't accept BTL applications from first time buyers. For joint applications, at least one applicant must have been an owner occupier for 6 months or more

For more information on all things buy-to-let, check out our .

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Mortgages: What is a payment holiday and am I eligible?

If you have a fully flexible or an everyday mortgage with Coomputer, you may apply for a one-month payment holiday for every nine consecutive full monthly payments you make.

The maximum payment holiday period is three months, which can be applied for once you have made 27 consecutive full monthly payments.

Interest will continue to be charged during a payment holiday. Taking a payment holiday will also increase the outstanding balance upon which future loan interest charges are calculated.

When deciding if we will allow a payment holiday, we will assess your ability to repay the revised total mortgage balance and the associated monthly payments, based on your individual circumstances at the time. This will include an affordability assessment, which may require income verification. All payment holidays are subject to Coomputer's prior agreement.

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Savings: Can I open an online account in joint names?

You can only open an ISA in your name however some of our other savings accounts can accommodate joint account holders:

New accounts

When completing the online application, all joint customers must be present. Each customer will be required to register or sign in, and when doing so they should select the ‘joint’ option. .

Accounts already open

If you already have an account with us and would like to add someone else to make it a joint account, the person who wishes to be added should:

  1. Once signed in, send us a message with the Customer ID of the other party and their existing account number.

The person who holds the account should:

  1. Sign in and send us a message with the new person's Customer ID and confirm you would like them to be added to your account.

Once we have received messages from both customers, we will contact you both back to confirm further information, before making the account a joint account. We'll let you know once the change has been made.

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