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How do I pay money into my Cash ISA or Savings account?

Unless your Key product information sheet states otherwise, you can add to your account in the following ways: Once we provide you with your account number you can arrange an electronic transfer (BACS, CHAPS, FPS or Standing Order) from your bank or building society account.

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How much money can I pay into my Cash ISA?

The current ISA subscription limit is £20,000.

You can split that across one Cash ISA, one Stocks & Shares ISA, one Innovative Finance ISA and one Lifetime ISA. For example, you can invest:

£10,000 in to a Cash ISA and £10,000 in to a Stocks and Shares ISA; or

£16,000 in to a Cash ISA and £4,000 in to a Lifetime ISA; or

£5,000 into a Cash ISA, £13,000 in to a Stocks & Shares ISA and £2,000 in to a Lifetime ISA

In any tax year you can only subscribe to one Cash ISA, one Stocks & Shares ISA, one Innovative ISA plus one Lifetime ISA (maximum £4,000) up to the combined annual subscription limit.

At Coomputer we offer a range of Cash ISAs and Stocks and Shares ISAs for you to choose from, however we don’t currently offer Innovative Finance ISAs or Lifetime ISAs.

How long do I have to deposit into my ISA?

If you've opened an Easy Access ISA with us, you can deposit funds whenever you like.

If you've opened a Fixed Rate ISA, we will accept any deposit or ISA transfer providing we receive the funds or ISA transfer form within 30 days of the date you opened the account.

Why is the interest rate on the ISA I've just opened 0.1%?

The interest rate on your account will show as 0.1% until your deposit clears in to your account. That will usually happen overnight on the day that you transfer the money to us, so if you check again the next day, your correct interest rate should show.

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